EO-SET APP Training Course
EO-SET APP Training Course
EO-SET APP Training Course

EO-SET APP Training Course

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Essential Oil Soul Essence Technique Training

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* Watch this video to learn what the SOUL ESSENCE TECHNIQUE and the EO-SET APP are all about.   https://youtu.be/LoUW7QmmR8k

* Search EO-SET in the Apple Store and EO_SET in the Google Play Store to buy the EO-SET app.  Available for Iphones, Ipads, Android phones and tablets. 

* Then buy this course to get complete online training on using the Essential Oil Soul Essence Technique (EO-SET App).  

* Learn how to maximize your results with friends and clients. 

* Learn how to access your body intelligence

* Go to EO-SET App facebook group to get immediate free training on the basics of using the EO-SET App.  

Once you purchase the course your will receive an email with all the course details.  English course will be in July.  Live Spanish and Dutch courses will follow.  Indicate which language you want to take the course in.  You will have access to the class recordings for 30 days.  

*Contact abundanceteamjudy@gmail.com -

        1) for international payment options

        2) to organize a private training for your team.